Wet Weather Driving Pontypool

If you’re in need of advice on wet weather driving Pontypool, PARC Motors is the place to come to. Our experienced team are fully trained to repair your vehicle and give advice on how to get the most life out of it. We understand that the unpredictable British weather can be scary for many to drive in, so carry on reading to find out how you can put your mind at rest.

What Should I Check Before Driving In Bad Weather?

We often get asked ‘what should I check before driving in bad weather?’ and this is vital to ensuring you’re driving safely and are well prepared. Remember that the weather could get worse during your journey so consider if you can wait until the conditions have got better. Follow the checklist below before setting out on your journey.

  • Check your tyres – will the tread allow enough grip? Talk to us about new car tyres.
  • Check your lights – whether it be inside or out, you’ll not want to be caught out in bad weather with a light out.
  • Plan your journey – try to avoid places where traffic will be particularly slow as this is when accidents happen, also avoid roads which have bad terrain.
  • Charge your phone – if you do have an incident, having a charged phone will save having to walk to the nearest help phone.

Bad Weather Driving Tips

Besides checking keeping up to date with travel information, there are other bad weather driving tips you should know about.

A major thing to remember is that your stopping distance is doubles in wet conditions. Because of this, you must be even more aware and quicker with responses, so regular breaks on long journeys is vital. Before long journeys, you’ll want to check your wipers and front lights are working fine as these are your best friend in bad weather.

In areas with a lot of traffic, accidents are more likely to happen so we suggest avoiding these places if you can. Also steer clear of flooded roads but if you do encounter one and it looks like it could be deeper than ankle height, don’t risk it and turn around. As you can’t always anticipate meeting a risk in the road, drive slowly so you have enough time to react. Aquaplaning is a common occurrence when driving quickly over water, which causes the wheels to lose grip and the steering become out of your control.

Breakdown Recovery Pontypool

For breakdown recovery Pontypool, we at PARC Motors have got your back. Our service suns 24 hours a day, every day, so call us if you find yourself in a sticky situation! We’ve been helping people since 1999 and can reach you in no time at all.

PARC Motors Pontypool

At PARC Motors Pontypool, we provide excellent and experienced vehicle and garage services. We have been in the industry for many years and have seen all kinds of wet weather accidents so we can help you. If you need our advice, repairs or vehicle recovery services, be sure to call us today and speak to a member of our team.

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