Car Body Repairs Pontypool

At PARC Ltd, we are specialists in car body repairs in Pontypool. No matter how big or small the damage is, our dedicated team can repair any part of your bodywork and have your car looking like new. From small scratches to large dents, our technicians will restore your vehicle in no time. With our excellent customer service, we ensure you will have a hassle-free experience with us. Get in touch today if you require our professional services.

Looking After Your Car Bodywork

We have the skills and top-notch facilities to take good care of your body work. We can fix cosmetic damage like small dents, scuffs and scratches to your paintwork and wheels. At our equipped garage we can also take on larger jobs such as bumper repairs. If you have a crack, split or gorge, make us your first call.

In most cases, dents to doors and panels can be fully restored to their original condition. We can reshape the metal, repaint the panels and make sure that everything is aligned the way it should be.

Why Should You Come to Us?

Car Body Polishing

With our extensive knowledge and expertise, you can trust PARC Ltd with your car restoration. We know how important it is to find a reliable garage that always delivers quality workmanship, which is why we promise the best results. With 20 years of experience, we have seen every kind of body damage, so we guarantee that we can help you. Our friendly, informative customer service and competitive prices are why we have become a reputable name in South Wales.

Contact For Car Body Repairs Pontypool

If you need us to check over your bodywork, call us on 01495 832290 to book your appointment today. For more information, contact one of our specialist mechanics today. 

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