Is Your Brake Fluid Up To Date?

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More than a quarter of cars on the roads here in the UK are, probably using a brake fluid that is totally ineffective. And so therefore, places the driver and passengers at an increased risk of meeting with a car accident. A leading researcher has published data following a study on their usage in vehicles in the United Kingdom. The results are at least – appalling; implying that over a quarter of cars in the UK could be running on defective and ineffectual fluid.

Why You Should Use The Correct Brake Fluid

Explaining further, brake fluid is characterised as a hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Over a period, its intrinsic nature lowers its boiling point and causes massive reduction in effectiveness and therefore braking.

Typically, fresh fluid boils to produce a vapour. This is highly compressible, and results in softer braking. Under this condition, the brake pedal can be operated with minimal or pretty much no effort.

New Brake Fluid

New brake fluid, typically, has a boiling point that ranges between 230 and 260°C. The fluid, however, becomes useless with extended usage, when its boiling point eventually drops to 180°C. Therefore, it must be changed as soon as its boiling point drops to 200°C. And this is the matter of grave concern that over a quarter of all cars, vans and 4 by 4s in the UK runs on brake fluid that boils below this figure.

Last Time You Checked Your Brake Fluid

To tackle this situation, all drivers will need to be particularly attentive about what exactly goes into our car’s reservoir. Most of us do check the fluid levels intermittently; however, there is hardly anyone among us who goes any further than that simple check.

Often, motorists use any brake fluid that’s handy. It could be a contaminated bottle lying on the shelves in the garage for an unknown time. And how many of us even remember changing the brake fluid recently?

Most motorists wrongly believe that passing MOT test implies that all the lubricants and oils in their car are up to date. That there is no other way to determine the usability and gauge the quality of your fluid except testing its boiling point temperature. And since the MOT does not involve carrying out this test, the onus of ensuring your car’s safety is, as a driver, totally yours.

Brake Checks Pontypool

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