Why You Need To Get Your Car Serviced

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When you buy a new car, what do you look for? Is it the look or whether the body needs work? Many look for the golden ‘Full-Service history’. Now if that’s what your looking for, would you make sure that’s what you do with your old car? Many don’t get their car serviced on a regular basis and it can have an effect from everything from you breaking down to the value of your car. So, here is why you need to get your car serviced.

Keep Your Engine Healthy

Engines need to be maintained; they are designed to need it. Just having simple things such as an oil and filter change mean that the chance of major issues accruing is greatly reduced. An engine in good general health will last longer too. In that end that’s all we want, a car that lasts. Your car, aside from the purchase of a property, can be the large expense. So, why wouldn’t you look after it?

Oil Change

As we have said above, part of your service will be an oil and filter change. This is a simple but key part of your service. If the oil or filter is dirty it can move to other parts of the vehicle and cause major issues. Yes, oil changes can be done by anyone but if you do it yourself, have you checked all the component parts, or do you know what they are? It is always best to leave it to the professionals and get your service carried out by a trained mechanic, who can check everything involved in your service.

Why Your Tyres Need To Be Checked

Within your cars service, your tyres will be checked. Your tyres general condition and tread depth will be checked. This is to ensure they are safe and fit for their purpose. The legal depth is 1.6mm but get your tyres changed at 3mm to ensure they always give you the best performance and safety.

Help Keep Your Cars Value

As we said above in the opening paragraph, having your car serviced is great for keeping the value of your car. A full-service history is not only a great bargaining tool, but it shows that the vehicle is safe to be on the road. In cases where your car is written off due to an accident, without a full-service history, the insurance company may offer you less for its value.

Car Servicing Pontypool

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