Why Wheel Alignment Is So Important

You may already know that the correct wheel alignment is important, but do you know why? We’re going to break down the issues that can occur with improperly aligned wheels, to help you understand why this is a service you should never ignore.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Firstly, let’s explain what wheel alignment actually is. This is a service that involves adjusting the suspension of a vehicle to change the angle of the wheels. This is not something that can be done yourself, as it requires professional equipment and specialist training. It’s recommended that you get this done every 12,000 miles or so without issues, or if you notice the following signs:

What Happens If You Don’t Align Your Wheels

If you choose to ignore the signs previously mentioned, you’re at risk of the following:

Reduced Grip On The Road

Poorly aligned wheels aren’t able to get a good grip on the road surface. In wet or slippery conditions, this could lead to an accident. When your wheels are all in proper alignment, there is better friction which leads to a safer, more responsive drive.

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Increased Tyre Wear

When the wheel alignment is off, the tyres could be sitting at an angle. This means that one side could wear faster than the other. As a result, you’re likely to need to replace your tyres a lot more often. This will quickly become expensive, so it’s in your best interests to seek an alignment service to protect the integrity of your tyres.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Poor grip on the road leads to decreased fuel efficiency. Misaligned vehicles can drag along the road surface. You’ll probably find that your tyres perform as if they weren’t correctly inflated until you get them properly aligned.

Uncomfortable Driving Experience

Finally, when your wheel alignment is out, you’re more likely to feel bumps in the road. This can feel like a vibration or jerky movement, and makes the drive feel pretty uncomfortable. This is easily resolved by getting the wheels put back into their proper place.

For Wheel Alignment, Choose PARC

If this guide has made you realise that you need to get your wheels realigned, get in touch with PARC today. We use professional equipment and expertise to ensure your car is performing at its best.

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