The Dangers Of Buying Part Worn Tyres

Back in the late months of 2018, TyreSafe conducted part worn tyre investigations during their national tyre safety month. The campaign revealed that 99% of part worn tyre retailers were selling dangerous and even illegal tyres. They carried out 18 investigations across England and Scotland and found 68 part worn traders and all but one was supplying tyres that violated the legislation of their sale. Out of 129 tyres inspected, only 25% were deemed safe.

So, if you want to know whether your tyres are safe, then keep reading our advice.

Why Avoid Part Worn Tyres

TyreSafe’s investigations of part worn tyres included the participation of a range of enforcement agencies. Numerous police forces and fire services as well as the Environment Agency, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Health and Safety Executive all took part. Due to these shocking findings, TyreSafe advise motorists to think before buying worn parts. There is no guarantee that these tyres are safe, and it is not worth putting your life or others at risk.

TyreSafe will continue to urge drivers to buy new tyres to avoid potentially paying a heavy price.

How Do I Check If My Tyres Are Safe?

If you are worried about your tyre safety, then there are a couple of checks that you can do from home. Checking your tyre tread depth is very important, as having worn tyres is an accident waiting to happen. Worn tyres are particularly dangerous during wet weather as they dramatically increase stopping distances. Treads help disperse water away from where the tyre contacts the road, and so if there is less tread there is more chance for the tyre to lose grip.

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The legal tyre tread for cars in the UK is 1.6 mm across the middle three quarters of the tyre, and it must meet this requirement across the complete circumference. To quickly check your tyres, just take a 20p coin and insert it into the tread grooves. If you cannot see the outer band of the coin, then your tyres are safe. However, if the band is visible, then your tyres may need an inspection by a mechanic.

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If you need tyre checks or car maintenance, then visit our Pontypool garage. Our fully trained technicians can help repair a range of issues, so you will know that your vehicle is in safe hands. Call us now.

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