Safe Driving Advice Pontypool

Everyone knows the British weather is totally unpredictable, and so we at PARC Motors thought it would be best to give some safe driving advice Pontypool. Having many years’ experience in the industry, we’ve had a lot of accident repairs come our way caused by slippery roads. Be sure to call us if you require our services or any further advice.

Bad Weather Driving

The most common advice anyone’s gives is to not go too fast! The roads don’t care about how much experience and confidence you have as a driver and they can be very unpredictable. Heavy rain results in a very slippery surface to drive on which doubles your stopping distance. Therefore, you should drive slower so you maintain control and will be able to stop sooner if you need to. Be sure to take corners slow (even in good weather) as there is always a risk of the car spinning out.

Tyre Checks Pontypool

We advise you carry out regular tyre checks Pontypool. If your tyres aren’t safe, you can be as careful as you want but accidents will still happen. You should regularly check the tread with a 20p coin as this affects the grip you have on any surface and therefore the performance of your vehicle. Alternatively, you can come to us at PARC Motors to make these checks for you if you aren’t sure, call us to make an appointment or click here to arrange new tyres.

Having the correct amount of air in your tyres is key to performance too as too much or too little affects the grip. Therefore, if you encounter water on the road and you’re travelling at a high speed, the changes of aquaplaning or even skidding are much higher.

Vehicle Safety Checks

To ensure you can see properly, these vehicle safety checks should be carried out, especially in bad weather. The two most important things to check are your lights, so you can see what’s ahead and around you and so you can be seen if you break down.

Windscreen wiper blades should be checked and changed every few months to ensure they do their job properly at clearing your windscreen. If they don’t need replacing, they should be thoroughly cleaned to keep the lifespan of the part.

PARC Motors Pontypool

At PARC Motors Pontypool, we want to make sure you aren’t in danger on the roads by giving you safe driving advice. If you do find yourself in an unfortunate situation and need vehicle repair or recovery services, be sure to call us.

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