Does Your Clutch Have An Issue

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Many issues that arise with your car can be sudden but some issues, you can get used to over time and just think, it will be fine, your clutch is one of these. This is not the case and the clutch can be one of those issues. A slight vibration or a slight stiffness can be a sign you need to get your clutch checked by a professional. Below are some signs that can help you to know, does your clutch have an issue?

Know Your Clutch Checks

These simple checks will make sure you know when your clutch may have an issue that needs dealing with.
1. Turn your vehicle on- ensure the handbrake is on.
2. Without pushing any of the pedals, listen for a low growling sound. If you can here this, it could be a sign of an issue with your transmission.
3. Press down the clutch pedal. Ensure there is no vibrations and stiffness. Once released, push the clutch pedal down halfway, if you hear a high squeaking its time to take your car to your local garage.
4. Take your car for a short drive. Keep an eye out for poor acceleration and an issue with changing your gears. These can both be a sign of a problem with your clutch.
You need to do these steps regularly and ensure your clutch is in working order. If you are unsure if there is an issue, please contact professionals like us here at PARC ltd, your local garage.

Use A Professional Garage

Whatever the issue with your vehicle, you should always get your car checked by a professional garage. This is not only a safety issue but when it comes to insurances, they may not pay out any monies if your vehicle has not been checked by a trained professional mechanic. Clutch issues can be costly, ensure you deal with the early to reduce the risk of a major problem.

Clutch Repairs Pontypool

For the best clutch repairs in Pontypool, South Wales. Come to PARC Ltd, we have a fully trained team of mechanics that can help with a multitude of repairs and servicing for your vehicles. If you have any of the above issues, then contact Pontypool Accident & Repair Centre and discover the difference.

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