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Finding the right garage for your body repair and car accident repairs in Pontypool is important. Not only do we have the best mechanics but here at Pontypool Accident & Repair Centre we have a high level of customer service too. In many cases we can have your repairs done in a timely manner and will always keep you informed throughout the process. We offer a range of services including panel beating and full car body repair.

What Is Panel Beating

Panel beating is basically the repair of a cars body work. When a car has been dented through accident or unexpected damage then your mechanic will use panel beating to repair the damage. It sounds aggressive but it is the process used to replace panels on your car. The process starts by removing any damaged panels and then repairing or replacing them. Then replacing any hardware that is included in the panel, for instance, if you have a door, this will be the handles and locks.

As with every other repair that is undertaken on your car, our expert mechanics will access the damage and then give you a comprehensive quote for the works and talk you through the reason for the car body repair. Never be afraid to ask questions, we are here to help, and our customers are important to us.

Car Garage Pontypool

Find the perfect car garage in Pontypool with PARC ltd, we not only provide car body works but also have a range of services available, these include: –

  • MOT
  • Brakes and Tyres
  • Clutch Repair
  • Suspension
  • And many more

Car Garage Quotes

As we have said above for the most comprehensive car garage quotes in Pontypool, then contact PARC ltd for the best service in the area. Our team are here to help and can answer any question you have. If you are near to us and want to pop in the garage, feel free, we will be happy help or contact us today.

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