Accident Repair Centre Pontypool

A trusted Accident repair centre in Pontypool can be hard to find. But luckily if you live in the South Wales area then you have nothing to worry about as Pontypool Accident & Repair Centre is here to help!

Any accident is stressful enough, let alone the cost of repairs and the insurance process if needed. P.A.R.C can take some of this stress away with reliable and professional repair services for all types of vehicles.

We want to get your car back to its best ASAP as we know how important our cars are. So contact us today for more information.

Car Recovery After An Accident

If you have experienced a car accident before, then you will know the stress and scare it gives you. If unfortunately your car is no longer driveable, you will need an accident repair centre.

P.A.R.C can offer this to you. Cars are a vital part of our lives, therefore when an accident occurs it is important on getting the necessary repairs done ASAP. This is so you can get back onto the road as quickly as possible.

P.A.R.C will assist you with a recovery service so that we can start amends on your vehicle straight away. Our garage will offer a courtesy car similar to your own while repairs are being carried out at our accident repair centre in Pontypool. However we do something to go the extra mile for our customers…

We know how accidents/breakdowns happen at the most inconvenient time, and therefore we offer 24/7 recovery across South Wales.

We are always looking to help!

Woman After Car Accident

Car Body Work

The body of a car is one of the most common parts to need repairs. An accident repair centre in Pontypool such as P.A.R.C can assist you with any car body work.

Often the damage to the body will be small dents, scuffs and scratches to paintwork & wheels. Also common are larger damages such as bumper repairs, splits or cracks.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry, meaning we have dealt with these problems. Our facilities are capable of fixing all kinds of damages. In most cases, dents, doors and panels can be restored to their original condition. However there could be scenarios where the damages can require new parts. If a serious accident has occurred, the body could need new parts.

An accident repair centre in Pontypool like P.A.R.C will give you a quality service and competitive prices. So if you live in the south wales area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call Accident Repair Centre Pontypool

Car accidents are scary no matter how serious. You should always check your health and wellbeing after an accident before anything. Your car is not as important as your life!

When able to, call an accident repair centre in order to take the next steps regarding your vehicle. You should look to get your car recovered if unable to drive. Or look to get repairs done immediately or ASAP. Cars are vital to our lives.

P.A.R.C offer immediate advice and action on accident repairs. We offer competitive prices on our repairs and can guarantee quick and trusted services.

So if you have an accident in the South Wales area, and are in need of accident repair centre in Pontypool you can trust, choose P.A.R.C. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

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