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Whether your vehicle has been in an accident, or if you or another driver has unintentionally caused damage, then you may be looking for car body repairs. If you notice any harm to the exterior of your vehicle, we can help you. Here are a few popular problems that can easily be fixed.

Scrapes & Dents

Your car is bound to endure some scrapes and dents in it’s lifetime. No matter how much you look after your vehicle, it’s bound to happen. Sometimes it’s your fault, other times it can be the fault of other drivers. Minor damage can be caused by bumping into obstructions or even from other car doors opening too close to your vehicle.

If it’s only small, it might be tempting to leave car body repairs until a later date. Dents and scrapes can be unsightly and ruin the look of the exterior. If they’re big enough, they might even cause further harm. If you have any damages, small or large, that you haven’t got fixed yet, then get booked into a garage.

Silver Car With Dents And Damage

Car Body Repairs: Paint Damage

Whether you want to refresh your current paint or get a brand new finish, PARC can help. If the exterior of your vehicle is looking a bit tired and worse for wear, then a fresh paint job will leave it looking as good as new.

Automotive Paint

Accident Repairs

If your car was involved in an accident, it might require some work to return it to its former glory. Not only does this involve checks on the performance of the vehicle, but also the exterior. Whether you’ve got a smashed windscreen or are in need of extensive car body repairs, you should visit a garage when your vehicle is damaged.

close up of impact point on a rear end car collision

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

If you take pride in your alloys, then it can be frustrating when they become victim to various scrapes and marks. If you want to keep your vehicle looking great, then it might be worth getting your wheels refurbished. Getting them sorted out sooner rather than later can help reduce possible further damage.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Contact PARC Now For Car Body Repairs

At PARC Ltd, we are proud to be Which? trusted traders. You can rely on us to do a good job of fixing any dents or damages. We offer a range of services that will restore your vehicle, so get booked into our Pontypool garage today.

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