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Thinking Of Getting A Car Respray

Are you looking for car body repairs in Pontypool? Look no further than Pontypool Accident & Repair Centre. Our skilled mechanics are here to advise and repair any part of your vehicle. As a car body repair centre, we are uniquely placed to help you with your repair, be it from an accident of just general maintenance.

Car Body Repair Shop

At our car body repair shop we provide a range of services to our customers in Pontypool and beyond. These include: –

  • Resprays
  • Non-Fault Accident Assistance
  • Alloy wheel Refurbishment
  • Insurance Approved Accident Repair
  • Car Body Repairs

As you can see, we at PARC Ltd are experienced in providing the highest standards of car body repair. We have many years of experience and trust with our customers.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Body Damage?

The price for fixing body damage will vary depending on the damage sustained. We will give you a full assessment of the damage and give you options on the courses of action to take. We always provide a detailed quote and are happy to answer any questions you have. When it comes to minor repairs it is always advisable to get them fixed earlier to avoid them progressing in major body issues. If you’re not sure, give us call or pop into the garage for advice.

Contact us today and our skilled mechanics and body repair experts are here to help. 

car bodywork specialist sanding down dent in red car

Any garage that specialises in body repairs should be able to fix dents, so the answer to the question, can a body shop fix dents? Here at PARC ltd, we know we can. We have put together a little guide to help you understand what happens when you bring your car in for body repairs.

If you have a dent or scrape you want to get repaired, bring your car to us and we will access the damage and give you the best quote on repair.

Do Insurance Companies Cover The Cost

Insurance policies do not usually cover dents unless they are cause by another party in the case of an accident but there are policies that can be taken out to cover minor maintenance works on your cars body.

These kind of polices are on top of your normal policy but can be worth it if you use your car regularly on long journeys, such as for work. Always investigate any insurance policy and ensure it cover what you need it too.

Car Body Shop Quotes

For a quote for your body work at PARC ltd, contact us and our body shop team will be able to give you a complete quote and give you detailed break down of any works. Always ask if you have any questions, our team are here to help and advice. We repair both dents, any car body works and resprays.

Car Body Shop Pontypool

For your local car body shop in Pontypool, come to PARC Ltd. As we have said, our skilled team of mechanic are here to help with any car repairs and services. Contact us today and discover why our customers are so loyal. Contact us today.

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