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The time of year all car owners dread! How to pass your MOT! Many of us who own cars begin to think whether our vehicle is quite up to scratch. It’s important to cover several things that you can do to help your car pass. So, if you live in Pontypool and you have an MOT coming up, stick around!

How Do I Prepare For My MOT?

The MOT Test makes sure that your car is roadworthy and safe to drive. To reduce the amount this may cost you, you can learn some of the reasons your car may not meet the requirements for a successful MOT. Although you may not be able to fix your vehicle, due to lack of specialist equipment, you can maintain it!

Why Brake Checks Are Important

One of the most important safety elements for any car is the brakes. The MOT test will take a thorough look at your brakes and make sure they are not damaged or worn beyond the point of functioning correctly. For this reason, keep a close eye on your brakes and if there are any warning signs get them attended to immediately.

New Car Tyres Pontypool

The MOT test also checks the car tyres for wear, damage and ensuring they meet the legal requirements of a roadworthy car. You should look at your tyres on a regular basis and check them for any signs of bulging or wear and tear that may prevent them from functioning correctly.

Windscreen Damage And Repairs

A chip as small as a fingernail can end up causing an entire windscreen needing to be replaced so taking appropriate action quickly is definitely the best advice to prevent you from having to buy a whole new windscreen.

Checking Your Number Plates

One that’s often forgotten about… Your number plate! Yes the MOT test has a number of checks revolving around cracks, legibility and ensuring your number plate complies with DVLA regulations.

Car Headlight Testing

The MOT test will just check that all headlights on your car are both in working order and not dazzling or dangerous towards other drivers.

Exhaust Repair and Replacement

The security and functionality of the exhaust will be checked and ensuring there are no corroded parts or any elements of the exhaust that are likely to fall off and cause further damage.

Vehicle Suspension

The suspension of your car is not something that can be easily seen or easily repaired by yourself. It is, however, one of the most important aspects of the vehicle for both safety and day to day use. The MOT will check this so if there are any signs of a change in your vehicles suspension, take your car to a garage.

Garage Services Near Me

Looking for a reliable and friendly garage in your local area? PARC Ltd in Pontypool have a range of garage services to help you with your car troubles. Based in South Wales and looking to provide everyone with solutions to vehicle problems, call today for more information.

The winter months are coming and a lot of us find ourselves thinking how we can maintain our cars in the winter. Well here you go, some of the top car maintenance tips. By spending a small amount of time and money you can then rely on your vehicle all winter long with safety and comfort.

Windscreen Wipers

It’s always a good idea to check the rubber on your windscreen wipers for erosion and damage which may affect their performance. It’s recommended (depending on the number of miles you do) to have your wiper rubber replaced at the start of each winter.

How To See And Be Seen In Pontypool

Before travelling make a few checks with regards to the lights on your car to help you and other drives with visibility in the terrible weather conditions we no doubt see. Ensure head and tail-lights are clear from any debris, dirt or marks that may prevent visibility. Both being seen and being able to see are factors to consider in the winter to make sure you and others are safe. As well as this, well performing lights are key in the MOT, so check your bulbs to make sure you have the best vision you can.

Anti-Freeze Methods

For a journey of any distance in the winter it is recommended that you check that the radiator is working to it’s full capacity and is sealed correctly. Ensure you have enough anti-freeze fluid and do not travel if you do not have a fully functioning radiator, it can get quite cold out there!

Why You Should Check Your Oil

Every car will be different but there will always be a way to check your engine oil levels. This should be checked before every long journey but in winter conditions it is best to check it regardless as it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Battery Power

Car batteries are naturally put under a lot more strain in the winter months and are more likely to drain. The battery has a lifetime of around 5 years so if you know yours is getting old it’s better to replace it just in case. There’s nothing worse than a battery going flat in the cold and rain!

Winter Tyres Near Me

Possibly the most critical part of your winter car maintenance is checking the tyre tread and pressure prior to travelling in difficult weather conditions. Deeper tread is required when the roads are wet so make sure your tyres are fit for the weather you’re driving in. Checking your tyres is crucial for the winter months, closely followed by tyre pressure.

As the cold air contracts tyre pressure reduces in the winter months, making driving more dangerous. If the tyre pressure drops too low you run the risk of punctures and other forms of tyre damage. It’s much better to prepare your tyres than have an unfortunate breakdown in the cold and rain.

Winter Car Emergency Kit

When travelling in the winter, expect the unexpected. It’s always advised to prepare a simple emergency kit so that in the worst possible scenario you have some of the essentials needed to help you through a breakdown. Winter car maintenance is something that should be take seriously as it could potentially save your life.

MOT Pontypool

Are you looking to book an MOT Pontypool? Then look no further than PARC Ltd. Established since 1999, our garage in South Wales has been performing MOTs for motorists across the region for 20 years.

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