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We are here for all your tyre requirements


At Pontypool accident repair centre we offer a wide range of tyres to fit practically any make and model of vehicle. From budget tyres to premium tyres, we have the one for you at the lowest price ready to fit while you wait.



Tyre Pressure

Having the correct tyre pressure in your tyres doesn't sound important however it is as;

  • It helps your tyres last longer

  • provides a smooth, more comfortable ride

  • makes your fuel go that bit further 


Here at Pontypool accident repair centre we only carry out tyre repairs once the tyre has been inspected by one of our qualified technician's. The technician checks to see if the tyre will fall into the category of repairing it or not. Depending on the damage and area of damage on the tyre, some repairs cannot be carried out and a new tyre would be required.

Are your tyres legal?


The minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm in a continuous band around the tyre.


The tread on your tyre is designed to keep the tyre in contact with the road. When your tyre wears, the grip on the road is decreased and the stopping distances are longer.


It is always very important to check your tyre tread depth as low levels will affect the corning, acceleration and braking of your vehicle which causes problems with the handling of your vehicle.


Your tyre can wear unevenly from a number of reasons;

  • Emergency braking

  • Misaligned wheels

  • Aggressive acceleration

  • Faulty suspension


If you are unsure if your tyre tread depth is legal and need some assistance, call into Pontypool accident repair centre as our team would be happy to assist you.

Why not call into Pontypool Accident Repair Centre today and let our qualified technician's check and adjust your tyre pressures for FREE?

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